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Aug 04

Dear COFFI friends and supporters, unfortunately it is no longer possible for us to organize the festival in the ZK / U. After 9 months of intensive planning and cooperation, this decision leaves us very sad.  However we're glad to announce that we found a different place that is just as interesting. The COFFI Festival Berlin...

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Jul 18
COFFI 2017, Selected artists: PERFORMING ARTS

Here the list of performing arts projects that are going to be shown at COFFI 2017: Siciliano Contemporary Ballet  Nicoletta Cabasso - "Beech" Roberto Rossini  - "Locus Solus"   Iula Marzulli - "Primavera_esperimento #3"  I FIGLI DI MARLA - "HIGH REACTORS"  Compagnia Matroos - "CUTE"  Willy the Clown- "ClownLoveShow" Thank you for all the applications, and congratulation to the selected...

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Jul 17
Be part of COFFI 2017!

Photographers and Videomakers, we are looking for you! COFFI Festival is looking for a photographer and video maker who want to create a workshop dedicated to live event photography, that will be organized during the three days of the 2017 festival edition. COFFI is a multidisciplinary festival, during its 3rd edition various live performances will be...

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The COFFI Festival Berlin is an interdisciplinary art festival with origins in Italy. It connects creative minds with an Italian background and people from other cultures and disciplines.


COFFI was brought to Berlin in 2014 and comes from Angri (Salerno) in Italy, where it takes place under the name CortOglobo Film Festival Italia as a short film festival since 2004.

COFFI connects creative minds with an Italian background and people from other cultures and disciplines.


Soon it was clear that the Berlin edition wanted to include more art forms than just film and it grew every year: no matter if art exhibition, performances, music, movies, food, workshops, startups or streetart.


The working title for 2017 is Contaminazione.


In the meantime we organize little events to get inspired and connected.

Sculptures: Simone Benedetto, Photographer: Jessica Quadrelli

Streetart: Nebel Eich, Photographer: Sandra Ratkovic