Theme 2017: Contaminazione

Theme 2017: Contaminazione

Posted by Eleonora Tagliazucchi | 25th May 2017

We are happy to announce the theme of the next festival edition: “Contaminazione”

This relates to the themes of previous editions (2014: “Modern vs. tradition”, 2015: “Growing on Diversity”), pursuing an ideal evolutionary process. The term “contamination” in the German language has a negative meaning, and is used basically as a synonym of “pollution”; however, in Italian it has a completely neutral meaning and offers new ideas for those who want to face the challenges of our modern times: in a globalised world we need to rethink concepts like “purity”, “diversity” and “equality.”

In the field of art, contamination indicates a dynamic creative process, an aesthetical approach in which mixing of genres and heterogeneous elements is seen as source of enrichment and renewal. Without going into the slippery ground of politics and ideologies, we would like to use the language of art to offer new ways of feeling our present time. The emphasis on action is finally seen as a stimulus for interaction and participation, as an invitation to feel variety and live in a varied world.

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