Alessandro Zannier

Alessandro Zannier: Micromega Project


Micromega Project is a digital installation conceived by multimedia artist Alessandro Zannier to gather in one work different artistic disciplines: music, visual arts and writing. This installation includes 117 music tracks, links to scientific and cultural contents, 108 illustrations and nine 3D real art installations, to create an exhibition dedicated to contemporary man and his lost relationship with the magnitudes of nature.

The work is an expansion of the album “Micromega”, composed of 9 songs inspired by various orders of magnitude, from the micro particles to the systems of universe, with the man at the centre. The installation, inspired by Voltaire’s novel, is a website without precedent: a visionary encyclopedia, between fiction and reality, in which art and music rework the scientific and philosophical culture of our century in a poetic key, in search for more certain existential answers. The illustrations, the video-tutorial, and the installation “Sacred Collisions” are only a part of the complete exhibition “Micromega project” planned for 2018.
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Alessandro Zannier
Born in Treviso (Italy) in 1971, he is a visual artist, musician, songwriter and performer. One of the main features of his work is to develop the concept of his album in the visual arts and in writing. As artist he has made numerous solo exhibitions and collectives with various artist (Ai Wei Wei, Maurizio Cattelan and Michelangelo Pistoletto).
Under the pseudonym “Ottodix” he has published six albums, a “best of” and a book of short stories. In 2016 he presented in Beijing the digital installation “Micromega” and the album with the same title.