Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt

Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt: The Idling Mobile


Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt present their site specific installation “The Idling Mobile&more” : a parked van as a central multifunctional object to gather, talk and exchange topics surrounding mobility, society, politics and environmental issues in relation to art.

Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt are collaborating within their art projects as a team since the beginning of 2014. For the COFFI Festival Berlin in September 2017 they are proposing an indoor and outdoor installation surrounding the topics art/mobility/multifunctionality/announcements.

Core of the project is “The Idling Mobile”, a van which appears as the main of the multifunctional objects within the installation. It started out as a self-portrait of a traveling artist, reflecting on Vilhelm Flussers Essay “the freedom of the migrant: objections to nationalism”. After finding the right caravan produced in Ann Schomburg’s year of birth, she was invited to some residencies. This leaded to the collaboration with Sascha Boldt and a recreation of the mobile as a trojan horse, inviting artist colleagues to subsidence and take part in the residencies and exhibitions as additional artists which sometimes leaded to dicussions about these additional line ups, as part of the performing installation.

The Project is now reaching out to musicians and writers as well to enlarge the spectrum of culture.
1. It is planed to invite a writer and curator (Lena Reisner ) to experience the residency 2 years after she invited the project to an exhibition where she gave a tour through the object. During the festival she is invited to hopefully get inspired to a text, as I work on a smaller publication for the project where I collect images, words and experience.Yet, it is uncertain if she will also invite somebody or something in the residency.
2. The doors of the van are open and during the festival we engage visitors into conversations about art, moving, space, transition and life concerning the concept of idling. This setup will take place with the confirmed resident, Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt.
3. Banners surround the van and/or the installation as focused statements.
4. In coordination with the festival team and refering to the fact that the team is not allowed to be enganged in the money which could be earned by selling drinks at the official bar area of the property we can organize a small barbecue and/or an arty bar where sitting to eat with a donation as a performative gesture can happen, which is not supposed to be in
competition with the landlords bar.
5. Within the windshield of the van a projection of a videoartscreening is planned.

The Idling Mobile is creating objects. During a roadtrip to a residency of the Kunstvereine Ruhr, one of the wheels was bursting and caused an accident. Modified with a videoscreen the object is telling an experimental story of a imaginary jurney. Depending on the available space inside and the architecture the installation can be enlaged into a hybrid space suggesting a temporary idling area dealing with the content of art/mobility/multifunctionality/announcements.