Antonio Mastrogiacomo

Antonio Mastrogiacomo: Suonerie


26 tracks obtained by modifying, cutting, rearranging and editing 726 ringtones. “Sounerie” is an open work, since every material can be arranged in a different way and this collection of sounds can be almost endless. 26 tracks – as alphabet letters – rebuild audio material obtained from the web. The reuse of ringtones as sedimentation of music material shows in a certain way the nature and the story of electronic music.

Thanks to its versatility music can be received as a concrete object, a dialectical image like a painting that has a position in the space. This work aims to investigate the acoustic unconsciousness as means to assembly sounds.

Antonio Mastrogiacomo collected degrees at the Academy of Fine Arts, Conservatory and University, he exhibited in museums and public spaces, he collaborated with different magazines (napolimonitor, PASSPARnous, artapartofculture), wrote essays and critic contributions and since 2017 he curates the magazine d.a.t. [divulgazioneaudiotestuale].

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Music