Claudia Zanaga and Marco Vomiero

Claudia Zanaga and Marco Vomiero: Modellazione urbana


Marco Vomiero and Claudia Zanaga were born in 1993 in the same city, near Padova. After spending 13 years in the same school they took different directions. Vomiero graduated in Architecture at IUAV of Venice and after his Erasmus in Berlin and intership in Paris he started his master in landscape architecture in October at the Technische Universitat in Berlin. Claudia is graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and after different formative experiences in Ireland and Croatia she started her intership in ZK/U (Centre for Arts & Urbanistic) last April.

Meeting again abroad in Berlin gave them the opportunity to examin their home town. Concept A relation between disciplines, urbanistic research, sculpture, performance, photography and landscape architecture are fused together to create new ideas and perspectives. The meeting between two different places for climate and social situations: Berlin, one of the biggest post industrial european cities and part of the suburb in Padova. The action of letting the audience mould a spatial idea, creates a reimagining of the city that will be feasable and from which they are able to develop a concrete project for their city.

The project is divided in two co-related parts. Set to the background is a map showing how Padova can be resewed. The two artists imagined and produced a new green plan to review contaminated, inorganic areas of the city. This was translated into a threedimensional representation. During the exhibition the architectural element can be influenced and molded by the audience, the artists ask the visitors to participate, elaborate and create new ideal spaces. The interventions will be documentated through pictures that will be used to continue the process of decontamination of the city.