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COFFI Documentaries + Q&A with the directors.
Original Versions with English Subtitles
Duration ca. 80 min.
02/09/2017, h 13:00


Classification: Videos and Short Movies classified with the letter M are not suitable for family viewing, those with the letter T are suitable for 14 years olds, those with the letter E are suitable for family viewing.

– “Inner me” by Antonio Spanò; duration 31 min.; color ; year: 2016 ; R.D.Congo. Classification: M

Synopsis : By following the curious wandering of a girl around crowdy markets, slaughterhouses, furnaces, bats’ hunters, the spectators run into three women. Their lives tell about the difficulty to be women and at the same time to be deaf in a society which is hostile towards these two conditions. The stories of Immaculée, Sylvie and Stuka are everyday stories about efforts and struggles against oppression and abuse. Despite the condition of being the lasts among the outcasts these women show the obstinate will to keep going on the uncertain paths of their destiny.

– “Beyond pain” by Emanuele Lami Grifeo; duration 30 min. ; color ; year: 2017 ; Germany. Classification: M

Synopsis : The stories of Xenia, a professional dancer, Jan, psychotherapist and photographer and John an ex dancer, who works as a volunteer at Hospice, weave together under the common denominator of becoming aware that life means essentially pain. Pain understood like physical and psychological pain. But this pain can be overcome and sometimes it may become a mean to better know their limits and also their resources.

– “Dust” by Gabriele Falsetta / produced by Giulio Baraldi; duration: 20 min.; color; year: 2017; Italy. Classification: T

Synopsis: Dust is the epic of eight physical and psychological disabled who has lived at the Cottolengo Institution in Turin for more than fifty years. (This is not a screenplay or a fable, neither an attempt to tell about the inconvenience experienced by these people).

Through a theatrical creative path these characters looking for their author, represent themselves and the life they wish. This bizarre group of interpreters look like a crowd of survivors of an ancient age who play through theater the life they desired and they did not live. And that’s when they become heroes of a dream: Ulysses in love with his Penelope, a passion poet dressed up like a sailor who invest with his binoculars other places, races and emotions, a fool dressed up like the Pink Panther deride the parliament, always worried about elections. A dumb actor who has fun playing Charlot and Snow White, who does not remember her age and is secretely in love with all her seven dwarfs.

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Cinema