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03/09/2017, h 13:00


Classification: Videos and Short Movies classified with the letter M are not suitable for family viewing, those with the letter T are suitable for 14 years olds, those with the letter E are suitable for family viewing.

– “You are whole” by Laura Spini: duration 16 min.; color ; year 2014 ; UK. Classification: T
Genre : comedy / surreal

Synopsis: Norman Pugg, a modern prophet, arrived in a small and drowsy English town with the purpose to spread the word of “The sons of the star mountain” in order to make the idle inhabitants of this hick town aware about the authentic origins of mankind. But things will take a bad turn…

– “Nubivago” by Guglielmo Lipari; duration 16 min.; color; year 2017; Italy. Classification: E
Genre: drama

Synopsis: Celeste could be a girl like some others, but she is different. Firm and trapped in a life that she is not sure to want. Her need is to escape, to run away from others and to be self-sufficient without hiding herself.
An important audition for a very prestigious dance school, a strict a stringent teacher, a father who adores her but at the same time distracted by his work, a love to take refuge: these are all small parts of the struggling life of a teenager.


Q&A with the director

– “Italian Miracle” by Francesco Gabriele; duration 9 min.; color; year 2015; Italy. Classification: E Genre: comedy.

Synopsis: The young Antonio is asked by the local vicar to translate in English the confessions of a woman. When Antonio starts to disagree with the priest’s words, he will have to make a decision that could change the life of the girl and maybe his own.

– “Timballo” by Maurizio Forcella; duration 17 min.; color; Italy, year 2017. Classification: E
Genre : comedy.

Synopsis: to cook the best dish in the world, special ingredients are needed and a very special talent too.

– “Death After Oil 2” by Nicola Garau; duration: 10 min.; color ; year 2016; Italiy. Classification: T Genre : post apocalyptic / surreal

Synopsis: Planet Earth 2222, after the complete depletion of hydrocarbons, humanity has almost completely vanished off the face of the earth. The personified death roams melancholic because she does not have any victims to claim, until when..

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Cinema