Compagnia Matroos

Compagnia Matroos: CUTE, 60 min.
02/09/2017, h 21:00


A live painting, a story of pictures and metaphors connected with the feelings and the experiences of a skin surface, border between the inner world and the outer reality. The dance moves in communication with the fabric in a continuous incentive communication with music and sounds performed live.

Matroos is a contemporary theaterdance group, founded and directed by Lisa Rosamilia, with a focus on the contamination, from dance to music, theatre, figurative arts, scenographic creations and installations.

Concept, Scenography, Choreography – Lisa Rosamilia
Music, Sound – Giada Bernardini
Scenography technician – Fabio Sabaino
Light – Marco Bilanzone

Photos:  Tonino Giannetti