Evil Twin

Evil Twin (ethnic/ electronic), 45 min.
01/09/2017, h 21:00


Contamination is the key word, the core element of the Evil Twin project started in 2012 under different geographical influences. It deals with the exploration of oriental sounds and far worlds which communicate with Europe thanks to the language of electronic music. It is a root that develops into a natural sound able to immerse the public in a mantra. A mantra that slowly becomes a song, a new creation. Music is considered like a ritual, a very deep experience, a wealth of traditions, experiences, mind and real travels.

Alberto Boni and Simone Antonioni after having shared the stage with bands like Factory Floor, Rone, Andrew Weatherall, Hot Chip in dj set, created the “Evil Twin Live Show”, a totally immersive multisensorial live set. Thanks to ancient oriental music instruments, Byzantine liturgies, violins and drum machine, during their show are released immense walls of light, incense smell, colours and smoke. Hanging in the balance between visceral fury and an almost disturbing coldness.

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Music