Fernweh + Paolo Ranieri + Martina Rocchi

Fernweh + Paolo Ranieri + Martina Rocchi: Homage to Maya, 60 min.
02/09/2017, h 20:00


Live music: Fernweh
Video: Paolo Ranieri
Set up: Martina Rocchi

By using the resources of music and film editing, whose explosive creative and not-naturalistic potential the author used to exalt in her writings, Homage to Maya juxtaposes some of the works made by Deren in the 40s. The camera and characters’ movements are disassembled, isolated and reedited in a dreamlike and not-realistic space. The performance acts as a vision: just like it happens in visions or in dreams, space becomes undefined and narration is reduced to single movements, now fragmented and altered by an apparently nonsensical repetition-and-variation effect.

The juxtaposition between the films scenes and the editing fractures is accentuated by the music, a miscellany of natural sounds and electronic glitches composed and live performed by Fernweh. An audio-visual performance that pays homage to the work of Maya Deren, facing themes such as vision, reality, reflection, identity, ritual.



Photos: Dania Gennai

Fernweh is an Italian electronic musical trio founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Cosci (drums), Daniel Leix Palumbo (keyboard and synthesizer) and Emiliano Bagnato (guitar and synthesizer). Fernweh’s music is a point of convergence between electronic and acoustic, study and improvisation, that aims at integrating different ideas of music and artistic backgrounds.

Paolo Ranieri is an Italian director and multimedia exhibition designer grown professionally in Studio Azzurro in the early 90s. In 2013 he co-founded Karmachina, a Milan-based studio of visual design; they realize multimedia narrative environments, video mapping operas and audio-visual installations. www.karmachina.itvimeo.com/paoloranieri

Martina Rocchi is a multimedia artist and set designer. In 2014 she realized the video installation Sogni Capovolti as the result of collaboration between the Istituto Europeo di Design IED of Milan and the Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia. She works in Sarzana (Italy) for the multimedia studio No Noise, whose work focuses on enterprise communication, events and video installations.

Homage to Maya has also an installative version where the mise-en-scène emphasizes the character of an image on the border between reality and illusion. Homage to Maya, video performance and live-set, was presented at the 26° edition of INVIDEO Exhibition of Video and Cinema Beyond (mostrainvideo.com) in Milan (Italy) in November 2016. Homage to Maya, video installation and live-set, was presented at Parallelamente Festival in Sarzana, La Spezia (Italy) in September 2015.

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Music