Jonathan Gobbi and Marco Furlani

Jonathan Gobbi and Marco Furlani: DIE FURLANI-GOBBI SAMMLUNG
Installation; AAC and prints; variable dimensions.


Marco Furlani and Jonathan Gobbi started to work together during the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.Since then, they participate to residences, collective and personal exhibitions and performed some concerts. The current long-term project “H” is based on the idea of nature, how natural history influences personal history and everyday life, measurement and its instruments, categorization, and lists. “Die Furlani-Gobbi Sammlung” is the fictional collection of objects, documents and artworks around the project “H.” by the artists Marco Furlani and Jonathan Gobbi. 

How do we shape the world around us? An answer is already in the collection and in the display in itself: we shape our reality choosing what we want to show, conceiving a place where different objects can stay together. Every collection supposes the act of collecting items on field. Taking something from its original environment we re-shape it, and, very often in natural history, we re-name it.

In the era of Anthropocene, humans have changed nature in a no-return way. Is it now maybe time to create a place to show this human-shaped nature? A new natural museum.

H. project: