Max Cavallari

Max Cavallari: (DI)STANZE
A photographic project by Max Cavallari


(Di)Stanze is a photographic project focusing on the topic of Italians abroad; Italians who have decided to leave their country for better social and working conditions in other parts of the world. The project examines a phenomenon that goes beyond diversities in social classes, geographical backgrounds or academic degrees. Emigration from Italy no longer exclusively involves professionals or graduates, therefore we must no longer only consider the “brain drain” among young individuals without noticing the general movement of people, due to several factors that interweave throughout this social analysis.

Furthermore (Di)Stanze portrays the “family breakdown,” the physical separation of the family group, and the use of modern technology to maintain family bonds and italian culture, which has always valued strong family relationships.
The series consists of a selection of ten family portraits, where individuals are connected through a tablet or laptop screen in their domestic environment.

The project represents the result of one year of research and one month of travel through Italy to collect pictures and stories from different families. From the southwest coast of the peninsula to the alpine mountains in the north: a journey through Italy, from the perspective of those who still live there and those who have decided to leave.

Max Cavallari lives in Bologna where he works for some newspapers like Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and Il Resto del Carlino. In 2015 he went to Ventimiglia to tell the phenomenon of migrants blocked at the border beetween Italy and France. His pictures were published on Times, Guardian, Stern Magazine, Repubblica and on the Corriere della Sera’s portfolio section. He exposed at Mudec Museum in Milan, Palazzo D’Accursio in Bologna, Festival of Ethic Photography in Milan and Festival of European Photography in Reggio Emilia. Now he’s working on several projects that will be showed in 2018.