Nicoletta Cabassi

Nicoletta Cabassi: BEECH_AGAINST INTOLERANCE (?), 30 min.
02/09/2017, h 18:15, dance performance


Music: Pan Sonic /Merzbow
Texts: Tony Oursler

The character on stage is ambiguous and metaphorical, it is like an object to be observed. It asks many questions without giving any answer. Who is she? She is a body, a body that reveals itself and its story. This body is covered with dark stains thanks to dalmata body-painting and it is not more human, indeed it rebels against human and serves as an excuse to reflect about the deconstruction and segmentation of bodies in the language of contemporary dance.

The choreographer and also interpreter Nicoletta Cabassi focuses on a disarticulated body that becomes naked and suddenly blows up.

The pièce is based on one of the 92 biographies of Peter Greenway’s work “Falls”. 92 absolutely fake biographies in which Mrs. Dalmata has experienced the VUE (Violent Event Unknown) and she is now immortal.

“Beech_against intolerance (?)” is a performance about diversity and human dishumanity. It is a social political project which deals with the body considered like a vehicle of beauty against the brutality of the world. Due to its “liquid” nature in the time this performance has been modified, gaining new meaning stratifications thanks to the the contribution of literary and philosophical texts (Pasolini, Saramago, Nietzsche, greek classics) and concrete references to the present socio-political situation.

Urban version :

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30/08 – 01/09/2017, h 19:00 – 22:00, Workshop


This workshop is a research coming from the Performance “Beech_against intolerance (?)” by Nicoletta Cabassi and is composed by 3 phases/research approaches. During the workshop the participant will be taken in a mental animal condition, working with an asexual approach, with a primordial and purity of the vision.

The workshop is addressed to dancers, movers and non-dancers

WHERE: Tatwerk | Performative Forschung, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin
PRICE: 60€

The workshop is composed by 3 phases/research approaches that will take the participant in a mental animal condition, working with an asexual approach, with a primordial and purity of the vision (– see as example the nudity of the collective performance of Spencer Tunick).

The Workshop will be developed choosing between the following phases A + B  or A + B + C.

A) training
B) creative phase: 1) narration and imagination OR 2) the ritual
C) transfert: the transfer of the body-painting through movement

A) First phase with physical training and movement research essential to reach the next steps; this first part will be carried out in different ways depending on the participants and their preparation. It implies a first part of Floor-Work, then a research on the movement on a supporting surface (study of the 3 points), a further exploration of the space and the dynamics and at the end a guided improvisation (both individual and collective); if possible also partnering sessions.
For the professionals please watch: (guided improvisation on the supporting points work) and (trio called “Trio of the beauty” extracted from a production where the interpreters are “dalmatize” even if with clothes)

1) NARRATION AND IMAGINATION Lady Dalmatian, who acts like the only protagonist in the performance, is born from one of the imaginary biography of “Falls” by Peter Greenway; she was the victim of a V.U.E – Violent Unknown Event. After this event she has become quite immortal (like every other victim who had this kind of experience): just a violent accident can kill her, otherwise she will live an eternal existence fixed on the moment when the Event happened. From this plot the participants will use their imagination to create a play, a story which deals with their own destiny and the one of the community. Words, visual aspect, but above all body and physicality will be the main elements of the work, which will lead everyone to develop their physical dramma.

2) THE RITUAL – Divesting and Laver as a Ritual After the Initial stage of concentration and emotional preparation, participants will undress through ritual gestures; the movement is aimed to take the clothes off but without seduction, just as an act of symbolic experience. Then they will immerse themselves in soil or in ashes through exercises on the floor. Afterwards the cleansing occurs also through ritual and minimal gestures. The participant will really wash himself/herself and, repeating the exercise with exceptional attention and delicacy, clean the others. This process can be done collectively or in a more intimate environment (one participant at a time for example) to avoid embarrassment or tensions. It is an agnostic and abstract approach to the holiness of the body’s nakedness.

C) The transfert: It is the funniest part of the workshop. “A serious game” as Nicola Cusano meant it: “homo ludens” interacts with the “social animal”.The participants, already painted, will be invited to leave traces of the paint on the wall, on the floor and on the body of other participants; to facilitate this process, notion of partnering work and contact dance will be given during the initial training.The goal of this phase is to embody the extreme precision and care of the paint transfer from the body to other surfaces.