Noemi di Nucci

Noemi di Nucci: Never forget your past


Contamination is mixing futurist architectures with wild nature, the joint of a noble materials (silk) who drips and contaminating a poor materials (plastic bags). Contamination is a mixing beetween the ancient art of weaving and contemporary materials, to create something completely new.

Noemi Di Nucci graduated in the 2013 in Product Design in “La Sapienza “- Rome, pushed by her passion for the world of textile.

She studied in “San Giacomo” school of art and crafts, and she graduated in weaving ( II level). During the studies, she worked in a theatre with art installations. This experience brought her to experiment and fall in love with recycled and poor materials. She worked for a high fashion italian company, but disgusted by this world she took out the gained knowledge to use them in an underground view of art creating works for anyone who has a different point of view of the life.

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