Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet: R O M A, 40 min.
01/09/2017, h 19:15
Tickets: 15 €


R O M A Var. n.1:
A black army is moving forward. All the statues observe the black soldiers as they crucify Rome, while the masses were captivated by miracles. We have no idea of how many impregnable rooms there are, darkness can be found even in the highest rituals. R O M A is an inquiry on the charm of the city, on the reason why the city has been the centre of a complex history, brutal and so inspiring for so much art and beauty.

Video: Underskin – Keren Chernizon

About the company:
Siciliano Contemporary Ballet directed by Salvatore Siciliano is an up-and-coming dance company based in Berlin which gained popularity because of its keen ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotion and sarcasm. The company’s distinctive style is powerful and sophisticated. The work is a refined visual metaphor for the human psychology. It uses the architecture of the body to create intricate lines, which are a framework for expression and tension, leaving the audience in discomfort and suspense. The precision and unique use of ballet lines is unpredictable and makes the work unforgettable.

Salvatore Siciliano



Antonella Mirco
Ruth Best & Alison Chernesky

Set design
Marica De Michele
Matteo Reza Azchirvani


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