STORY FOR FOOD presents MUSIC BACK, 45 min.
03/09/2017, h 16:15



Louis DeCicco, an italian musician, will transform each story into a specific melody. The sensations and experiences in the story will be translated into music for a “telling to feeling” experience: from the concrete form of a narrative to the unformed feeling of music. A chance to “listen to your story”.

STORY FOR FOOD is a unique idea of Christina Kyriazidi. It proposes a model for an alternative economy based on stories. Concretely, it will be a cafe shop in Berlin where you trade your story for food and drinks.

The stories will be recorded to help enable the cafe shop to become an audio archive for anyone interested in accessing the stories for educational and research purposes or just for artistic inspiration. Storytelling and listening workshops will be held, as well as FOODBACK, SWEETBACK, ARTBACK, MUSICBACK and AROMABACK events where a selection of stories are translated into specific food, object, melody or perfume. Through this, STORY FOR FOOD will become the platform that permits stories to travel from a chosen memory or imagination to somebody else’s reflection or creation.

It aspires to promote the culture of oral storytelling and collect undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would be lost. Its’ mission is to help value stories in society by encouraging the practise of sharing them and, of course, foster the culture of listening to them.

We offer the intimate experience of listening the stories in the darkness, accompanied live by the music of Louis DeCicco. The stories are in different languages with subtitles in English.


The MUSICBACK (stories translated into melodies) is by Louis de Cicco.

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Music