Wide Blue

Wide Blue (Electronic/Trip hop/Jazz), 60 min.
02/09/2017, h 15:00


WIDEBLUE is a project founded in Verona (Italy) in 2016, born of the meeting of two music souls tuned to apparently different frequencies. What brought them together was the constant research of new ideas in the infiniteness of the soundscapes.

Caterina Dal Zen is a voice known in the jazz scene of the city, she has been singing for years together with expert musicians of the genre interpreting standard pieces and some of the Dixieland\Swing repertoire. Michele Fasoli (Dj Fazo – Infuzion Crew) is a selector, beats producer and spokesman of a local movement that for ten years promotes Bass Music with british influences in clubs and for underground events.

The result of this collaboration is an innovative fusion of human voice and electronic music, vocal weavings mixed up with digital rhythms and dreamlike atmospheres dominated by echoes and reverberations with Dub diversion combined with solid beats of Bass, Trip Hop and Jungle music.

Their first studio work “Shadow EP” released in 2016 for the record label Elastica Record from Florence is made of 4 tracks which define the sound research of the project focused on the contamination of influences that come from electronic and Dub music, paying tribute to the so-called “sound of Bristol”. In 2017 the piece “Day after Day” of the first EP was selected for the “Adidas Stores Italy”.

Fb Page: wideblueproject
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/user-506301433-545982457
YouTube : www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QrVwYa7_YmhqK6EkA6wdQ

Created by Lucienne Böhm | Music