Plinto is a group of architects based in Turin that works on DIY, design, communication and urban regeneration. They realize design objects starting from reused materials and components. They design in order to meet new needs and to convey a new awareness of the production system.

They activate reappropriation and regeneration processes on residual areas, interacting with institutions, local actors and organizations working in the third sector. They believe that public space must be considered as a primary common good. They organize and promote events of public debate about issues related to the contemporary city. They handle integrated graphics projects, ranging from video and photographic communication to logo design.

In its objectives of promoting partnership and cooperation between Germany and Italy, COFFI Italian Film and Art Festival want to develop a project between Plinto and a German design team in order to create a collective work. The topic is reuse design, in order to build the furniture for the 2015 edition of the COFFI. The project will take part between 29 June and 8 July 2015. The concept of the work, will be a collection of ideas and deliberations on the topic of “Grow on diversity”.

The works and the teams will be presented to the public during the opening. The Festival will assign to the teams a space in order to exhibit their previous own works. At the end of the festival, the furniture will auction off to the public. All the furniture Plinto is constructing for the COFFI festival will be available to buy!

Additional information about Plinto available on

PROGETTIFICIO – Design comunicazione rigenerazione urbana
Corso San Maurizio 124, Turin, 10124, Italy.