A solid bond that has lasted for years between Mariaconcetta Giuntini and Daniele Magnani, partners in life as well as in the name of art. The work experiences gained together have highlighted the same desire to go beyond the usual clichés of contemporary society to spread a specific kind of art, that highlights the professionalism and competence of the artist that can only be acquired through a long training. Together, beyond their individual artistic research, they have ideated and produced several public art projects and private commissions. Aware of the historical and cultural context and the art scene which surrounds them, their common intent becomes precisely to retrieve knowledge in its multiplicity of languages ​​and techniques, traditional and contemporary. Through A-LAB – founded with the active support of other artist friends, scholars and researchers – they tried from the beginning to give shape to an artistic and cultural reality independent and autonomous, also to affirm the public and social aspect of contemporary art. By doing so, the artistic activity becomes impulse, chance to meet and human relationship. In this and in many other ways, A-LAB moves like a living organism: for necessity. Daniele Magnani for several years now has focused his research on the recovery of ancient mural painting techniques with the intention to propose them on the contemporary scene. In this area he has gathered various experiences that, besides making him a great expert on the subject in Italy, have allowed him to create works of art for public and private clients, coordinating groups and collaborate with other artists as a technical adviser. He has an intense artistic activity and professional, in the studio site of A-LAB, in Florence, where he receives students interested in learning artistic techniques specific and prepares special media for painting.

Mariaconcetta Giuntini, Italian-German, is a versatile artist, ranging from painting and drawing, writing, photography, video and performance. In addition to her teaching profession, she carries out her artistic activity with great fervor and for several years she has been engaged in public art projects, where she participated first as a trainee, then as a collaborator of the Academy of Fine arts. Her works have been presented in numerous exhibitions and she realized works for commissions in Italy and abroad.

Enrico Ferrarini, from Modena like Daniele, actually lives and works between Florence and Carrara, in addition to run his work as a teacher at a private academy of art. Recent art works have evolved out of his research in Neuroscience whithin particular reflection on “Mirror’s Neuron”. Time, space, movement, expression and perception have been the basic themes of his last projects. Born and known more as a sculptor, he later became interested in mural painting.

The three artists met during their studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and together they participated in several exhibitions and events, which have contributed to an increased involvement, a wonderful friendship and mutual respect as artists. It’s, however, as part of this common interest that in recent times they have decided to merge their various skills with the concrete objective to design and produce monumental works of art. They have already made their first “three hands” work in Carrara (yet in progress) during an event called Open Studios but they also have many more progects in mind.

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Die Kunst des Herzens

A brief overview about me: I am a freelance artist, workshop experienced with kidz in the age of 6-18 in several areas (f.e. circus, theater, fireshow, grafitti-art) since 2007. My particular attention lies on the grafitti-art. I absolved in the last 3 years a TCM acupuncture training with Shou Zhong in Berlin and I am father of two children living in Leipzig.

Nebel Eich

“After discovering new colours, I have awoken new parts within myself, and in the awakening of these new parts in myself, this has given me a new world of colours”

The artistic research, mutually to the introspective, one of the various parts of the self, sees the canvas become a mirror in which you find yourself diving and discovering new profiles. The research of a new way to communicate, which explodes in bombarding colours that combines different levels of communication. Run away from outlines, paint the reality as it comes with experience. Outsmart our own perception and moods, to elaborate them on canvas while they derive with it. All that is framed in the artistic research of the instinctive and primordial stroke. Discover ourself in this way, makes us understand, that the shades that a colour can have are many, as is the one that our person might have, and then both come together, for us to grow up and evolve with.

Nebel Eich ( Maria Napoli) was born on the 23/12/90 in Naples. At the age of 18 she moves to Rome where she graduated in Psychology. After graduating, she joins the academy of fine arts in Rome where she consecrates herself to the varied world of art. In her path, there are two things that she has never missed : The love for creation and the need to travel, to discover new worlds. Essential to her art and personality is Berlin, her creative fuel and place of personal growth. It’s there, in 2011, she starts her artistic adventure. However, initially and thanks to Berlin, this gives her confidence to show her works for the first time in Rome, the city of her homeland. Her studies are always combining, weaving together with her artistic path, becoming another lens through which she looks at the world. Another important undertone that touches her works, is the inner and outsider spiritual world, which represent another point of view, and in turn, inevitably influences her way to approach creation: “For me creation hides something implicitly connected to divine, where there is creation, there cannot be destruction.”

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