The Festival

COFFI Festival is the first interdisciplinary German/ Italian art festival in Berlin, representing an exciting innovation for the cultural landscape of the city. It is a platform for Italian artists living in Berlin and it also offers artists from Italy the opportunity to present their works and perspectives to a German and international audience, setting up a creative exchange and dialogue. The main focus is to promote interaction and understanding between artists and audience.

The festival program gathers different art sections together: art exhibition, theater and dance performances, music, film projections and a variety of exciting workshops. A street food market with Italian food and wine won’t be missing – of course!

The festival contributes to the mediation of present Italian culture and serves to strengthen, but also – and this is indeed very important to us – to open the Italian network in Berlin to all interested parties. Therefore COFFI wants to bring together artists with Italian backgrounds and people of other cultures and disciplines, creating a magical platform in which art can express itself without limits.

Interaction is the common ground of all editions: between human beings, disciplines and ways of expression. Through the international spirit of the festival we want to strengthen a European identity and promote a culture of openness and a deeper understanding towards others.

The core of this vision will be a three-day festival. In-between the different festival editions, we organize other small events – like the COFFI_Intermezzo – to network and promote the creative exchange between the participants.

The COFFI Festival Berlin is a project of the non-profit association fandujo komunumo e.V. It is organized by an international group of university graduates and passionate Italy-lovers.

It all started in Italy in 2004, when Andrea Recussi founded the Short Film Festival Corto’Globo Film Festival Italia in the small town of Angri near Salerno and not far from Pompeii. Ten years later, the festival began its journey to Germany, where it celebrated its premiere in Berlin in 2014 with the acronym COFFI and with the inclusion of other art forms.

Through the patronage granted to the COFFI Festival Berlin, the Italian Institute of Culture aims to support contemporary artistic expressions and to promote dialogue and exchange of practices and experiences between Italy and Germany. The COFFI Festival is an important opportunity for Italian artists emerging in the field of visual arts, theater, dance and music since it offers them the opportunity to make their work known to a German and international audience in a context of a reciprocal creative enrichment.